Previous unit,And all units across the country,All national,Everyone comes to this welcome ceremony during working hours,It is also the country that has suffered,Not to the unit、For employees、Cause a half-cent loss to the leader who came to inspect,In order to organize employees to participate in the welcome ceremony,Some welfare——At least,I also want to add more meat dishes to the cafeteria。

But the situation is different now,The factory is owned by the boss,Everyone puts down their work during working hours to prepare for the welcome ceremony,It means that today’s work will be postponed to tomorrow,Tomorrow’s work will be postponed the day after tomorrow……Lost,The boss himself,Of course the boss will be upset,In the eyes of the boss,This welcome ceremony is no different from absenteeism。
Then as the boss,Penalties of deducting the bonus of the month for these absentees,Completely reasonable。
that’s true,Used to work for the country,Do more、Do less,Actually it doesn’t matter,No one is staring at you anyway,But it’s different now,If it doesn’t look good,The boss sees it。
After Chen Xiaoshan,Song Jingying’s eyes also flashed!
He also wants to understand Chen Geng’s reason for making this punishment decision.,Although he still feels that Chen Geng’s decision is a bit unfavorable,But I have to admit,Chen Geng’s punishment is not unreasonable,The only problem,The punishment is too severe。
As for the workers,Although I think what the boss said makes sense,But they are still unhappy,Someone in the crowd couldn’t help but shout:“boss,I admit what you said makes sense,But the leader asked us to welcome,Don’t we dare to come?”
Chen Geng didn’t see who this person was,But this does not prevent him from responding to this question that represents the voice of the vast majority of workers who have been punished.:“So you don’t think this can be done entirely on you?”
“Yes,I was punished,But I think the punishment is too serious。”
“Then what do you think should be punished??”Chen Geng is not in a hurry to find the guy hiding in the crowd,Asked with a smile。
The guy in the crowd was stunned,Don’t know how to answer:Reason tell him,Of course it is best not to punish,But the current situation,It seems that it won’t work without punishment,This is how to do?
First189chapter (Recommend Reagan’s new book《Still look at the present》)
“You are so rich,Still care about these three melons?”
In the crowd,I don’t know who is not big or small“Whisper”A sentence,Obviously not the person just now。Say this out,Immediately evoked a wave of approval and agreement……