“Dealers are not allowed to increase prices directly or in disguised ways in any way!”Chen Geng, keenly aware that various dealers are likely to take this opportunity to increase prices,Immediately instruct Jack Welch:“at this time,amc’S reputation must not be damaged。”

“is this necessary?”Jack Welch’s absolute big boss seems a bit rare and weird:“Hot products must be expensive,In the case of insufficient supply,The behavior of someone willing to pay more to pick up the car in advance is very consistent with the market law……”
Jack Welch thinks his boss is too worried about this,It is very normal for those very popular products to have a certain degree of price increase,Some companies are even proud that the terminal price of their own products can be added to the guide price.,He thinks that the American people have long been used to this,Mr. Fernandez’s worry is really unnecessary。
Chen Geng made Jack Welch sweat in just one sentence:“What do you think,PresentamcCan you support such a price increase??”
“Or,I didn’t say to increase the price before,Now suddenly announced the increase,Do you think consumers are talkative,Still feel like nowamcBear the loss from the customer unsubscribe?Even if I take another 10,000 steps,We didn’t say to increase the price at the beginning,Now suddenly there is a price increase,Is also an act of non-compliance。and……”Chen Geng said slowly:“Believe it or not,When this behavior becomes a common behavior of various distributors,Our colleagues will never let go of this opportunity to bring trouble to us?”
I was a little dissatisfied with this question before、Jack Welch, who was even considering whether to use this opportunity to secretly contribute to the flames, got down in a cold sweat.。
Yes,He didn’t think about this problem seriously before,But it does not mean that when Chen Geng raised this question,He doesn’t know the seriousness of this matter:Not to mention the presentamcWhether it can support a temporary price increase, which is more criticized in itself,Just talk about Chrysler、Ford and GM,They will be happy to seeamcRise??
how is this possible!
Don’t look at what they say is better than singing during the interview,what“thank you very muchamcProvide a brand new model for the market”、what“amcAble to rise again,We are very happy”……
But these are bullshit!
Who would like to see their competitors stand up again?
Want to sayamcThe constant bad luck over the years is simply because of myself,No Chrysler、The three major auto giants, Ford and GM, are secretly contributing to the flames,Jack Welch didn’t believe it himself,In this situation,in caseamcThe first hot model of the、Disguised markup……
Jack Welch can’t imagine universal、Will the mouths of Chrysler and Ford bosses smile crookedly?。
“ok,boss,I know what to do,”Jack Welch solemnly promised Chen Geng:“Next, I will focus on the dealer’s private price increase。”
“What are you going to do?”
“the first,Announcement in the media、Set up a reporting phone,Any consumer who paid a deposit,As long as it encounters the dealer through various explicit instructions、Implied approach to increase prices directly or in a disguised manner,We not only impose penalties on dealers,At the same time, certain rewards will be given to consumers who report;second,Each distributor must set up an order bulletin board in a prominent position,Write the order directly,Let customers clearly see how many orders are in the store at a glance……”
Business management experts are between business management,Short effort,Jack Welch thought of several solutions to this trouble,Chen Geng is satisfied,But he did not forget to remind Jack Welch to pay attention:“Ok,go a head,But don’t forget that some people may report maliciously,While not allowing everyone to increase prices,Also protect the interests of our distributors。”
Some people are just that bad!
Jack Welch nodded:“I know……”