“I am now majoring in Avenue of Stars,At the same time, he also mastered the complete way of the void,Know how to play,And are all in a steadily improving stage。”

But practice is not just about the Tao,There are other resource needs,So worshipped into a force,It is very beneficial to improve oneself。
13 major forces,Among them, the first veto is the Winter Journey—Or the Oxtail County branch of the Winter Palace—In fact, there is not much difference between the two。
What Yun He said is not exaggerated enough,The Winter Tour Fairy Palace is a great power that truly rules this big world,And Dongyou Zhenxian is even more powerful than the Heavenly Emperor。
Winter Tour Big World Eight Hundred County,At least 800 gods guard。Such power,Recruiting disciples will naturally not be like ordinary disciples。
For the Winter Palace,Purple Mansion to Return to Xu,Are within the scope of recruiting disciples。
I didn’t recruit disciples every time,But the disciple took the initiative to worship the mountain,Actively challenge the trial test。
Looks very simple to Li Ming!After all, there are few Yuanshen Taoist levels that can match him in strength,If he is unsuccessful,I’m afraid there are not a few talents to join this Winter Tour Fairy Palace。
Visit the Winter Palace,I will regard Dongyou Zhenxian as my ancestor,Kneeling three times and nine knocks!
For ordinary monks,Winter Tour Fairy Palace grants Dharma resources,Three knees and nine knocks are also knocked,There is nothing wrong with it。
But for him。。。Can not accept。
“Actually right,I don’t lack the core qi refining method、Demon Body Refining Method,There is no shortage of magical powers。”
“The spiritual resources I need are nothing more than three types,One is to delve into the treasures of the formation and the platform for communication,The second is Yuanye,The third is to find ways to gain merit(Kill the sinner)’S intelligence!”
“I don’t have any needs even for the tricks,After all,More by itself,The auxiliary effect of the move is higher but smaller。”
“If you can find a way to trouble Saito,Let them do nothing to trouble Lei Yuan Small World!”
Li Ming’s eyes swept across the books。
Find yourself,And external recruitment forces。