Warm black tea with autumn and winter

Warm black tea with autumn and winter

As the weather gradually turned cold, many friends who had tea drinking habits gradually changed to drink black tea.

With other tea indexes, why is black tea more suitable for gathering in autumn and winter?

What else do you need to pay attention to when choosing?

  Tea is sweet, bitter and slightly cold, and is a good natural health drink.

It has been found that there are more than 500 chemical components in tea, including caffeine, tea polyphenols, proteins, amino acids, sugars, vitamins, organic acids and other organic substances, as well as 28 kinds of minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and copper.The combination ratio between the various ingredients is very harmonious.

Moderate tea drinking has a certain health care effect on the human body.

It can refresh, eliminate fatigue, help digestion, and even some studies show that tea also has anti-cancer effect.

  Why is it best to drink black tea in the autumn and winter season instead of green tea and flower tea?

To answer this question, you must start with different processing methods for tea.

Depending on the degree of fermentation, tea is divided into whole fermented tea, semi-fermented tea (such as oolong tea) and non-fermented tea (such as green tea).

Black tea belongs to the whole fermented tea, the degree of fermentation reaches 100%. After fermenting, the black tea is sweet and warm, suitable for people with weak constitution, and stays overnight in winter. It also has the effect of warming the stomach and cold, thus enhancing the human body’s winter climate.Adaptability.

  Different physique people drink different teas, although it is best to drink black tea in autumn and winter, but not necessarily everyone.

Personal physique is different, and there should be a difference in what tea to drink.

  Chinese medicine believes that people’s physical fitness is real, hot, virtual, cold, and tea is also cool and warm.

People with real physical physique should drink cool tea (such as green tea), and those with cold constitution should drink warm tea (black tea).

  People who have smoking and drinking habits, who are usually easy to get angry, and those who are more fat (ie, those with real heat) are more suitable for placing cool tea; people with cold stomach, especially those who eat bitter gourd, watermelonPeople who feel uncomfortable with bloating, or those with weak constitution (ie, those with debilitating physique) should drink warm tea; the elderly should be placed with black tea and Pu’er tea.

  Tea selection and evaluation The quality of tea is good or bad. When there is no scientific instrument and method identification, it can be evaluated by four aspects: color, fragrance, taste and shape. It can be identified by reading, smelling, touching and product.

The black tea sold on the market, due to its different production methods, can be divided into two types: kungfu black tea and red broken tea. Kung Fu black tea is in the form of strips, while red broken tea is granular.

  The color is generally high-grade tea, the color is fresh and lively; the low-grade tea, the color gloss, the color is mixed; the Chen tea is dark and dark.

A good black tea should be black and oily, and the soup is red and bright.

Some top grade Kung Fu black tea, its tea soup can form a circle of yellow oil ring around the cup, commonly known as “golden circle”; if the soup color is turbid, it must be inferior black tea.

  High-grade tea with aroma, rich and long-lasting; medium-grade tea, although the aroma is high, but not long-lasting; low-grade tea with a small amount of tea aroma.

The top grade of black tea is fresh and pure, while the fragrant one is Chen tea. If there is mildew and other odors, it is metamorphic tea.

  The flavor of the tea itself is bitter, glutinous, sweet, fresh, and sour.

The tea soup is slightly bitter at the entrance, and the sweetness is sweet; the bitterness at the entrance and the bitter taste are the worst.

Generally, the granulated red broken tea tastes strong and fresh; Kung Fu black tea is sweet and refreshing or fresh and sweet.

  The shape can determine the quality of the tea from the shape of the tea, because the quality of the tea is related to the time of picking and the method of making tea.

Good kung fu black tea should be tightly tied, such as granulated red broken tea should be uniform; low-grade strip tea, raw materials, rough work, looser.

  Pay attention to 4:1 when drinking tea. Drinking overnight tea has advantages and disadvantages.

Overnight tea has been lost for too long, and the protein and sugar in the soup are easy to become bacteria and mold nourishment, so it should not be replaced.

But the undeteriorated overnight tea has its own magical effect on medicine. The overnight tea is rich in rich acid, which can prevent capillary bleeding, and can treat such as stomatitis, tongue pain, eczema, bleeding gums, sore abscess.

Eyes often have tears or bloodshot eyes, but you can also wash your eyes with overnight tea every other day, which has better effects.

Before and after brushing your teeth in the morning or after a meal, you will have a few mouthfuls of overnight tea, which is more refreshing and has a solid tooth effect.

  2, “warm pot” is a very important step when brewing black tea.

The teapot and teacup are hot with boiling water, because the cold teapot can’t make the initial flavor of black tea, so be sure to warm the teapot and teacup.

It is best not to use an iron kettle to boil water, so as to avoid the combination of fermented acid in iron and black tea, which will not only affect the taste, but will make the tea black.

  3, it is not advisable to drink tea before going to sleep; after taking the medicine, it is not advisable to drink tea immediately after meals.

  4, people with the following diseases should not drink tea: anemia patients avoid drinking tea.Because the sulfuric acid in the tea can be combined with iron to precipitate, affecting the body’s absorption and utilization of iron.

  Patients with urinary calculi also avoid drinking tea.

The composition of urinary calculi is usually calcium oxalate, which contains oxalic acid, which combines with calcium in the urine to form stones, which will aggravate the condition.

  Hypertensive patients should not drink strong tea, brew 50 ml of oral water per gram of tea for “dense tea”, if hypertensive patients drink too much tea, caffeine lowers blood pressure.

  Patients with coronary heart disease are cautiously drinking tea.

For patients with coronary heart disease who have too fast heart rate, premature beat or atrial fibrillation, because of the caffeine in tea, theophylline is a stimulant. Drinking a lot of tea will change the onset or aggravate the disease, so it can only drink light tea; on the contrary, the heart rate is generallyFriends who are below 60 times/min should drink more tea, which is harmless at all, but can improve heart rate and have the effect of adjuvant medicine.

  People with cold fever and stomach ulcers should not drink black tea; green tea can clear away heat and detoxification.

  For another taste, black tea and black tea contain caffeine and theophylline, which is the lowest in all teas.

Drinking pure black tea may be a choice for many people. If you add milk, lemon, sugar or honey to the black tea, it will replace the astringency of the tea, which will make the taste better, and make the brown color more beautiful and taste stronger.

Then, don’t bother you to come to “+” one try!

  Lemon: Lemon is a better condiment with black tea. It is usually used in the following two ways: 1 slice: add before drinking tea, and take it out after stirring two or three times. If it is soaked in tea, it will taste bitter.

2 Juice: squeeze the lemon into juice, then add it to the tea, the amount should not be too large, so as not to destroy the original fragrance of black tea.

  Milk: Black tea that is blended with milk is not only comfortable, but also difficult to cover up the flavor of black tea.

  Honey: Adding honey to black tea will give the black tea a unique flavor, but honey with a small amount of iron will make the brown color slightly blacker.

  Fruit: When the fruit and black tea are brewed together, it becomes a fruit tea. Commonly used fruits: apple, kumquat, peach, lemon, pineapple.

The cooking method of fruit tea is very simple. Add the right amount of hot water to the fruit you want to cook.
3 minutes, then put in a black tea bag.