[How to pack pillow brown]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to pack pillow brown]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Pillow dumplings are also a type of dumplings. You can tell by name that they are a kind of dumplings shaped like pillows. Generally, every household will pack dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival.The filling is fine. Generally, the meat dumplings must be marinated in advance so that they can taste better. The leaves of the dumplings are also exquisite, and the aroma will decrease after a long hot time, so you must control the time.

1. Peeled pork belly, wash it, cut into small pieces, add sauce and infuse it with cooking wine, five spice powder, pepper, pepper powder, and MSG for one night.

2. Fresh loquat leaves can be boiled or boiled in boiling water. (Loquat leaves boiled in boiling water for eight minutes and soaked in cold water for one hour.

The boiled water will not be green or fragrant for a long time.

) 3, rice, half an hour after the pan, then soak the soy sauce in the meat for an hour.

4, all the materials: submerged glutinous rice leaves (washed and drained, add some soy sauce and salt, you can also add some oil), and the straw rope.

5. The simplest pillow packing method: put two leaves on top of each other and put a spoonful of glutinous rice in the middle.

6, add meat.

7. Cover with a layer of glutinous rice.

8. Fold two sides in half.

9. After tightening, turn your head over again.

10. Hold it up and poke it from top to bottom with chopsticks, in order to make the contents more concise, otherwise the cooked rice is too loose and the taste is not good.

11. Finally, stack the other end, be sure to squeeze it tightly, and finish the binding. The pot is cold and the water is higher than the ladle (must be filled with water).

After boiling, turn the fire off for two to two and a half hours; simmer for half an hour.

Note 1.

Boil the dumplings. I used to cook them all night at home.

I want to eat and find it extremely inconvenient to cook overnight.

Just try to boil it on fire, and it will be good in two hours.

The method of cooking on high fire is actually very good. It is convenient and the fragrance of loquat leaves is heavier than that of cooking for a long time.


The meat in the meat soup is traditionally made with pork belly. The fatter is fine, it will be more fragrant!

The meat is a little bigger and delicious when you eat it;


It can be slightly heavier when preparing the flavor, or it will be cooked without salt.