I didn’t expect it would be so coincidental!

Xiao Fan just said lightly:“It’s nothing,It’s just your good nephew who bullied a friend of mine。”
Fang Hu immediately pulled the landlord over and knelt beside him,Scolded:“You bastard,Apologize quickly,Don’t you want to live?Anyone dare to provoke。”
The landlord was shocked at this time,Although he didn’t understand why his uncle was so afraid of this man named Xiao Fan in front of him,But it doesn’t seem to be the time to ask this matter。
Since Uncle is so scared of this person,Then this person is not something he can provoke。
So he said immediately:“Sorry,Sorry,I don’t know Taishan,I promise I will never again,Never dare anymore。”
Xiao Fan said lightly:“You better remember today’s words,Don’t trouble Xia Qing。”
After talking about Xiao Fan, he strode out。
Xiao Fan didn’t even say anything intimidating,But Fang Hu still got a cold sweat。
After Xiao Fan goes far,Fang Hu just slumped on the ground。
The landlord looked at Fang Hu,Asked tremblingly:“Uncle,What is the origin of Xiao Fan?,Why are you so afraid of him?”
Fang Hu glared at his nephew,Said:“What’s the origin,Zixuan offended him,He made the whole Fang family lose half of their lives with a random call,What do you say about him?”