At the scaly barrier gap,Wright’s soul power and gray mist energy clash with each other,But soon the gray mist was overwhelmed by Wright’s powerful soul power。

“you wanna die!”Wright’s fingers canthus,Turn to look at Cecilia and Elek。fortunately,Both have soul defense artifacts,I managed to survive this attack。
at the same time,The light gray power of Wright’s body burst instantly,The fusion divine power with strength equivalent to ten times the normal upper divine power forms a spherical gravity space,The vertical downward gravity directly affects the three upper gods of the East Family。
“boom~”Edward with only one head left·East naturally cannot resist this gravity,Blast your head directly,Godhead falls。
Duncan·East saw his son fall,Roar,Forced against gravity,But Cecilia’s sword light flashed,Turn into a little bit of frost,Blocked him directly。
Wright’s eyes narrowed,Body shape flashes,The spear in his hand outlines a golden light in the void,Space collapse,A fierce shot slammed at the black armored man。
“what!”Wright froze!
While Wright swings his gun,The black armored man East draws a long and narrow war knife,War knife out of the sheath,But it didn’t collide with Wright’s spear,But a jitter,I staggered Wright’s spear,Slashed on Wright’s body。The blade strokes the supernatural armor of Wright’s body,And because this sword did not resist,The spear in Wright’s hand also hit the black man’s head directly。
The power of the long and narrow sword is not low,But it’s the level of the normal seven-star elves,The blade with the breath of death slashed on Wright’s shoulder,Under the strong breath of death and power impact,The surface of Wright’s divine armor was corroded with pits and a crack appeared。
And Wright’s shot also directly hit the head of the black man,I thought it could at least hit the opponent,But Wright felt his hands tremble,A powerful counter-shock is coming from the spear,The muscles of the entire right arm feel a numb,Even almost shattered Wright’s mouth。
“The main artifact of material defense!”Wright takes a few steps back,Unload the counter shock,A little surprised。
“Not bad!”Patriarch East sneered,The black armor on the body surface has slightly changed,Exudes a shocking breath。
Wright took a few steps back cautiously,Looks a little ugly。On Material Attack,Material defense,Soul defense,He is not bad in domain and space,But the soul attack method alone is not too strong,The law of the earth is not good at soul attacks,The soul attack of the law of fire is not bad,But his achievements in this area are not high,The strongest trick is【The Mystic Explosion】with【Round soft mysterious】Fused part,But this water and fire is also better at material attacks。
And the opponent has the main artifact of material defense,A material attack has nothing to do with him,After all, the gap between the two is far from enough to easily suppress each other and then throw them into the space and leave.。Although his material defense and soul defense are not weak,But it’s impossible to guarantee that I won’t get hurt。
Wright gritted his teeth,Marking style changed,From a fierce attack to a treacherous and feminine,Every shot collided with the long and narrow sword in the hand of the black armored man,Form a bondage,At the same time, the direction of gravity in the gravitational space changes,Sometimes up and sometimes down,Or attract or repel,Convenient to change for no reason。
Simultaneously combined with marksmanship to cast,Is also dominated by pulsation。
at the same time,Wright separates a trace of soul power,Spoke to Cecilia and Elek:“Go fast,This guy is good at death rules,Soul attack may be quite strong。”