Face up to intestinal problems bring these problems

Face up to intestinal problems bring these problems

What is the most important thing in a day?

  Some people may think that a certain new customer is the most important, or date the other half, and eat a delicious meal.
Waiting for the most important.

However, there are more people who think that they can do a good job of “environmental protection in the body” and clean up the stools that need to be excluded from the body. This is the most important thing in the day.

But as a working worker, are you going to work in the morning, meeting, the “big things” in one day can only be rushed to cope or even come to work after work, and the whole day will rise so much that you can’tDoing things well, and feelings can’t keep up. Constipation, diarrhea and distress are common symptoms of gastroenterology, which are characterized by pain or colic combined to cause functional changes, including gas, diarrhea and constipation.

Some people will be diarrhea when they are nervous, and some people will not be able to defecate smoothly if they are stressed. Some people will cause abdominal pain when they are in a bad mood.
These conditions are signs of intestinal cramps.

Although the situation may not be very serious, it will not suffer from serious illness, but such a leak is a typical “city person” weekday trouble.

According to a foreign figure, 20% of American adults have intestinal involvement, but they also face an “unexplained” response. Physicians can only judge the patient’s diet and work.

  Wang Zhitang, director of the gastrointestinal and biliary department of Shutian Clinic, said that intestinal fistula is the most common digestive disorder in modern people, and it occurs mostly in women, especially in advanced countries.

He pointed out that the progress of the countries in progress is faster, the competition is fierce, and the relative pressure is also moving forward. It seems that the seemingly simple thing of “to go to the toilet” is not so easy in the eyes of women.

Because women are more nervous than men, some people are not accustomed to large size outside, when the time is available, the contractile force of the large intestine slows down, causing the contractile function of the intestine to be abnormal, constipation.

In addition, some patients have diarrhea when they are emotionally unstable or worried. These are the intestinal ailments caused by emotions.

Wang Zhitang said: “To put it bluntly, these problems are caused by busyness and stress.

“Do you do environmental protection in the body?”

  Intestinal fistula is a chronic symptom. Fortunately, unlike colitis, which causes inflammation or changes in the tissue and increases the risk of colorectal cancer, most of the intestinal tract can be controlled by diet, lifestyle and stress adjustment.

Director Wang Zhitang pointed out that if the symptoms are mild, the patient can try some self-therapies first, such as: ● Record the food you eat and kill the factors that cause intestinal cramps.

  ● Change diet, reduce the intake of fatty foods, avoid irritating foods such as eggs, dairy products, spicy foods and coffee ● Drink plenty of water and increase the intake of high-fiber foods such as lettuce, fruits, whole-grain food, beans, etc.
  ● If there is diarrhea, take a small amount of meals; if constipation, increase the intake of fiber.

  ● Avoid smoking and places in smog.

  ● Arrange for regular sports and activities to achieve relaxation.

  However, if the patient with severe constipation is suffering from constipation, you should seek medical advice immediately. The best thing to do is to find a gastroenterologist. Although you can buy softeners that can help you defecate everywhere, you need to follow the doctor’s instructions before eating.The most reliable.

  Constipation Tips Why are women with more constipation?

  The lutein in female hormones can inhibit the peristalsis of the intestines; in addition, people with weaker abdominal muscles, as well as many women, lose weight too much, so that constipation is replaced.

  Is the cause of constipation?

  It is generally believed that waste accumulated in the intestines becomes a stool after accumulation.

However, the intestines will continually squirm in the body, so the position of accumulated waste in the intestines will also move. Therefore, there is no medical saying that “the stools are stuck in the same position.”

  The opposite of constipation is diarrhea?

  Most people think that diarrhea is the relief of constipation, but in fact, like diarrhea and constipation, it is an abnormal phenomenon of laxation.

Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the state of the intestine to normal conditions.

  Did you have constipation for a few days without bowel movements?

  Generally speaking, for three days in an adult, the child does not have a bowel movement for four days and can be called a constipation secret.

However, as to how often it is called “regularity”, it must be determined by age, diet and daily activities; one person three times a week, and some people three times a day.

As long as it is normal, it is called normal.