The opening time of the Chinese Super League has not yet been decided, the tournament system will replace the snake group-

The opening time of the Super League has not yet been decided. Will the tournament system replace the “snake grouping”?
Although the Chinese Football Association informed the Super League clubs of the new season competition calendar at the general manager summit last week, the Chinese Football Association has not yet re-submitted the application to the State Sports General Administration due to the rejection of the previously submitted start application.The start time of the league may vary.If the start time is later than this period, the league system will also be adjusted accordingly, it is likely to use the game system.The start application submitted by the Chinese Football Association was rejected last weekend because the anti-epidemic and anti-epidemic work in the start plan must be detailed, and all relevant circumstances must be considered to ensure the health and safety of athletes, coaches and personal staff.According to Sauna and Yewang, the Football Association is still refining and refining the plan, and the latest start plan has not yet been submitted.At this level, the start time of the league appears variable again.The start time of the Super League applied by the Air Force Football Association is June 27, and the latest start time is early July. The calendar issued to the clubs last week was designed with this time routine.If the league start time is later than this plan, the system will be adjusted again to further reduce the schedule.According to the previous external calculations, under the guarantee of the order of the national team training, competition and AFC schedule, even after the start of July, after excluding 12 months of game days, there are only less than 30 game days left-no spanThe year is one of the principles of the Chinese Super League system. After entering December, the northern region is not suitable for football games.From the first year of the Super League in 2004 to 2019, only the 2004 season and the 2019 season ended in December (the last round of the 2004 season was December 4 and the last round of the 2019 season was December 1).It is understood that the Chinese Football Association currently has several schemes for the league system. If the “snake grouping” scheme cannot be adopted due to time, the tournament system will become an alternative. The Football Association has begun to communicate with the clubs and related parties.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao editor Han Shuangming proofread Zhao Lin