Very quiet in the room,Just like when Guo Enting didn’t break in before,The sound of the pendulum,Sound of running water,And the sound of my own breathing in the air。

Bai Lu heard the sound of inserting into the keyhole,Know it’s my mother,But Bai Lu still didn’t get up,Just lying on the bed quietly,As if everything has nothing to do with me。
“Lulu,Come and help mom,Business is good today!Is Eun Ting eating at home??”
Bai Lu’s mother’s voice came to Bai Lu’s ear twists and turns,It’s just that Bai Lu doesn’t want to talk yet,Ren Bailu’s mother called several times,No response。
“Lulu,what happened to you?Entin,Where’s Enting?”
Called several times but didn’t hear my daughter’s response,Bai Lu’s mother puts down her tools for making a living,Stretch out into Bai Lu’s room。
I thought I would disturb Bai Lu and Guo Enting,But seeing my daughter lying on the bed is full of tears,But there is no shadow of Guo Enting in the room。
A bad worry climbed into Bai Lu’s mother,Check Bai Lu quietly,Nothing unusual,Bai Lu’s mother is a little relieved,Sitting beside Bai Lu,Touch her daughter gently。
“Lulu,Tell mom what happened,Did you quarrel with Eun Ting??”
Bai Lu’s mother looked at Bai Lu with concern,Worry on face,Also feel distressed。
Bai Lu’s voice is a little faint again,But after seeing my mother,Tears that had already closed down came out again。
Hugging her mother tightly,Bai Lu knows this is her real harbor。
“what happened,Tell mom,Don’t be afraid!”
Bai Lu’s mother comforts Bai Lu,Tears are rendered by her daughter’s emotions,It also flows down。
It’s not easy to cry as a parent,I just saw my child cry,do not know why,I can’t control the liquid in my eyes anymore。No need to say,Because I just saw the moment my child shed tears,All the grievances the child suffered,You can feel it when you are a parent。
“Did you argue with Eun Ting??”