He turned his head and looked at Cheng Gui,I hope that Cheng Gui, the best supporter, can show his support。

But at this time, how dare Cheng Gui speak??You Chen Gengdu“*******,*******”Up,Wouldn’t I find myself uncomfortable when I talk??He laughed twice:“Unexpectedly, Mr. Chen, your feelings and morals are so noble,Cheng admires!admire!Ok,What can I do for Cheng?,Mr. Chen, please speak up,As long as they are within Cheng’s ability,Cheng has absolutely nothing to say!”
He’s so slick。
Jia Shengcai applauded softly and exclaimed:“Brother,Admire……”
“Brother Jia,Don’t wear a high hat for me、Stop laughing brother,”Chen Geng hurriedly interrupted Jia Shengcai,Shook his head with a wry smile:“I don’t hide from you,The ones I just said,Mostly bragging,Actually let me tell you,Don’t look at my bragging rights,But if one day I think the situation is not good,90% of the time, I’ll get away quickly,Just beg you, brother, don’t laugh at me when the time comes。”
“This is how smart people should have an attitude,”Jia Shengcai’s expression becomes serious:“Brother,I also tell you the truth,I really admire you,Really,Except for Mr. Meitang,You are the only one I have heard of in these years who is willing to do something for our Chinese community……”
Chen Geng quickly handed over:“Don’t you say that,How can I be compared with Mr. Meitang?”
Situ@Mr. Meitang,Hongmen Gangster,To the founder of the Gong Party,Modern and modern patriotic Chinese and overseas Chinese leaders,With the great revolutionary Mr. Sun、49The one who ran to Treasure Island after the year and the founding father are all best friends,Even the lame American President Roosevelt during World War II served as legal counsel for him for ten years.,Made outstanding contributions to the Chinese nation’s anti-Japanese war,49I was invited to watch the ceremony on Tiananmen Square at the founding ceremony,1955After death,The memorial service of Mr. Mitang was hosted by the Prime Minister himself,And was buried in Babaoshan。
Faced with such a huge influence among the North American Chinese community、Senior leaders who have made great contributions to the liberation of the Chinese nation,Chen Geng’s heart is respect from the heart,Dare not be disrespectful。
Chen Geng’s sincere respect for Mr. Meitang,Makes Jia Shengcai very satisfied,He chuckled twice,Said:“Ha ha……As long as it really considers us Chinese,Worthy of respect,”Paused,Jia Shengcai couldn’t help asking:“Brother,I ask a question,The mayor of Detroit really depends on your support to get up?”
“Can’t say that,”Chen Geng waved his hand quickly:“I voted for Mr. Alex。”
“Just cast one vote?”To Chen Geng,Jia Sheng didn’t believe it at all。
Chen Geng:“Ha ha……Mr. Alex and I are also good friends,Donated some campaign funds for him,But it’s an exaggeration to say that Mr. Alex got up with my support.,Mr. Alex can become the mayor of Detroit,Is the choice of the people of Detroit。of course,From a friend’s point of view,I very much hope that he can become the mayor of Detroit、I am very convinced that he can become the mayor of Detroit。”
Jia Shengcai nodded repeatedly。