Their shop,Eighty to ninety percent business,Are responsible for delivery,No receipt。And in fact,Receiving is the most profitable,Hard not to say,Profit is also low。

Can be with them,He can’t find a bigger client,no way!His family also persuaded him,If it doesn’t get better after a few months,Change career and do something else!
Just eat a little casually,did not expect,Just received a call,tell him,Have big order,Send fruit,Over 100,000 catties。
What the hell!
Over 100,000 catties,What is that concept?The courier fee is more than 200,000 yuan, right??It was definitely the first time he received such a big order。This is much better than the shopping festival list。
then,He immediately brought someone to the door to talk。
After they arrived,Hu Yang and Hua Zi have not finished sorting out the order information,Hua Zi proposed,Just give the screenshot to the courier,He and Brother Hu are really annoying。
Order of more than 10,000 people,Just calculated,Almost two hundred thousand catties,Brother Hu thinks,It is necessary to build another orchard down,To satisfy the enthusiasm of friends。
Zheng Rui heard what Hua Zai said,Said quickly:“Leave it to us,Leave it to us!”
Isn’t it just sorting out some information??This kind of thing,They are also very familiar with it。He was surprised,These two people,A few years older than him,Why do you get so many orders?Seems to be given away,Send so much?
“Boss Zheng,My brother gave you so many orders,This discount must be discussed。”Mr. Kong said。
Although Hu Yang made a fortune in their antique shop,But what can I say?Isn’t he helping his business?People make money,Is the skill of others,Add the following reminder,Let his family avoid more than 100,000 losses,It’s not a big deal。
therefore,Such a small matter,He has to help Hu Yang。
Zheng Rui nodded immediately:“Should,Should!Do that!we……”
Everyone discussed for a while,Decided to collect 400,000,All done。They will contact the above,Immediately photograph the vehicle,Load the car directly to the orchard。
This is indeed a relatively favorable price。
For Fruit Express,If you count one piece,It’s probably between 25 yuan and 30 yuan。
The prices of various express companies are similar,All are charged by weight and distance。Provincial internal parts,Generally within one kilogram10Around yuan,Add every kilogram2to5yuan。General starting price for external parts12-15yuan,Every over1Kg plus5-8yuan。
These orders,Not ten catties,It’s twenty catties,It’s easier to calculate the cost。