“this is。。。。”Wright showed a surprised look。He thought there were harsh environments in the cemetery of the gods,I didn’t expect to have such a prosperous city。The prosperity of this city is far above the Magnolia continent,It’s not much different from the previous life。

Wright is not the only one surprised,The number of middle gods of the two forces is slightly more than that of the lower gods,There are five members in the four mythical animal family,There are seven people in the Renales family,There are 13 people including Wright。Of course in the eyes of others,Wright can be regarded as a member of the Four Mythical Beast Family,Six to seven,And the members of the four mythical beast family have talented magical powers,The strength is similar to each other,Naturally more restrained。
“There are totally 61 gods?!An upper god,Thirty-one middle gods,The rest are lower gods。”Wright’s soul power swept across this layer,I was a little surprised。
But think about it,If there is no upper god,Ordinary median god facing17A strong man among the middle gods from the great forces of the highest plane,There is not much resistance。Especially the five talented people of the Four God Beast family。
“Since this layer has society and residents,Let’s pretend to be ordinary residents of this cemetery,Then check out what masters are on this layer!Presumably, the god-level powerhouses at this level will not be so ignorant to investigate。”The middle god leader of the four mythical beast family,A very strong man said,Wright knew he was a member of the White Tiger clan,The strength is estimated to match the weakest upper god。
The other four middle-ranked gods of the four mythical beasts nodded.,As for Wright, although he only chuckled,Although I think I can easily pass this level,But it’s not bad to do this to be safe。
quickly,Wright’s breath changes,Body is also slightly adjusted,Became an ordinary resident form on this first floor。Ordinary residents at this level are actually a kind of human,But there is still a big difference from the human appearance of the Magnolia continent。Their skin is fairer,Be shorter,Especially the color of the pupil is a strange crimson。
Wright dived quickly into a street,Like an ordinary resident,Soul power swept,Come‘listen’The conversation of surrounding residents。
“Carlton,Has the blood tax for this month been paid??”
“Tax Officer,I have turned in!”
“Hum,Don’t let me find that you lie to me。If I find out,Your whole family has to serve the adults!”
“Dare not,Dare not!Our blood tax has been fully paid。”
“Hill,Why did you leave me?”
“Lassidi,You are a good person,But she is much better than you!”
“Old boy,Did you see the battle last year??”
“Didn’t you see?Oh,You went to the country on holiday。That big battle,Earth-shattering,”
“I heard that this time the new son is extremely strong,Directly defeat the loser,And also killed them all?”