“Oh?whats the matter?”

“The name of the World Quantum Technology Alliance you established is really ridiculous。But if our Quantum Lab really launches Xiaozhi,,You haven’t gotten results for a long time,Will the league be embarrassing??”
This question is a bit slapped。
Suddenly let Love·Dracula doesn’t know how to answer。
of course,Don’t lose your momentum。
“How does Ms. Lu know where our research is??Maybe the quantum computer we are experimenting with is already very advanced,Not even weaker than Xiaozhi,It’s just that we don’t want to make it public yet。”Worried Love·Dracula responded casually。
The affection for Lu Yuxin also follows-1。
“Do not make jokes,Mr. Dracula。We all know it’s impossible。Professor John is now the chief hardware engineer of the laboratory,Although he is out of professional ethics,Don’t divulge the old club’s technical secrets,But roughly express the approximate R&D progress of your representative company Google,Not too much。At least before he leaves,Google’s quantum chip hasn’t been able to run for a long time。The technical level of other companies should be similar?But Xiaozhi can already run stably。And has reached the stage of enriching input and output devices,Up to two months,We can win the bet,It’s a five-billion-dollar bet from Google!”Lu Yuxin said with a smile。
“Cough……I’m not sure about these。”Love·Dracula said awkwardly。
“Ok,Then let’s not talk about these embarrassing things,Direct,If I can persuade Wang Yu to export Xiaozhi-1’s technology to the World Quantum Technology Alliance,What are you willing to give?of course,I mean to give me personal benefits,It has nothing to do with the company。”Lu Yuxin said suddenly。
“what?”Love·Dracula froze。
What Lu Yuxin said just now is like thunder,So that his whole person starts to be energetic。
527 Sudden transaction request
Yes,this moment,Love·Dracula was stunned。
Happiness comes too suddenly。
Although Lu Yuxin deliberately lowered the volume just now,But he couldn’t help but glanced around。