if we assume,The world of the heart of a peak Taoist,Can cover a territory。

A spiritual emperor of the Lord of the Holy City,The world of the heart can cover a thousand territories around it—The premise is that there is no restriction of the same level of formation or other means–Li Ming’s heart world is also about this level。
And the world of heart dominated by the flow of mind,But enough to cover a small half of the realm。
But with the sweep of the world of heart,The eyes of the Emperor of the Red Mansion showed a trace of dumbness。
“Yansu,And You Shengdu disappeared—Dharma body falls directly to the ground,But the cause and effect is not broken,They left the Red Mansion on their own initiative,Actively cut contact,Someone still captured them,Cut off cause and effect with mystery。”
As the master of the flow of mind,The Holy Master of the Red Mansion is also very high in spiritual achievement,Even if the two masters under his command,He is also shining in their hearts。
If the left saint was forcibly suppressed by him,If it is not bound by vows, it is very likely to bite back。
The right saint is truly surrender to him—Until he feels that he has paid off the favor that saved him。
Emperor Yanxu,As his major disciple,But even less likely to betray。
In other words,Is the most likely to be captured alive。
Can subdue You Sheng,Must also dominate,Strength may not be under him,Only this kind of strength,It is possible to escape detection in the world of his heart。
“It seems that we can only investigate through causality!”The eyes of the Emperor of the Red Mansion flashed with a different color,“And also to guard against the opponent’s strength is too strong to resist。。。You have to let Quan Jie fight with me,Mutual reference—Also let‘Emperor Bai Suan is here,Let him calculate causally the whereabouts of the right saint and Yanxu!”
Power dominate,It is the left saint among the left and right saints in the red house boundary。
Emperor Baisuan,On Strength Cannot Be Ranked in the Realm of Red Mansion,But the best player in deduction。
of course,This emperor is far inferior to the emperor Yibo who was born in the Yanlong realm, but he is not necessarily stronger than the current Damo Daojun.。
However, Emperor Bai Suan is much better than Monarch Da Mo Dao Jun in certain aspects.,As an eternal emperor,Resistance game‘Backlash’He is far from comparable。
On this alone,His actual deduction ability is higher than that of Da Mo Daojun。
Although the realm,He is only an ordinary monarch level,But if the Emperor of the Red Mansion helps him at any cost,It’s not impossible to deduct another master—At least the general deduction can be done。
Just as the emperor Baisuan, under the blessing of the altar set by the holy master of the red mansion, fully deduced the traces of Yousheng and Yanxu,Li Ming turned into a gray-haired old man at this moment,Living in a prosperous world of chaos。