Repeat this several times,Chen Xiu has crossed one third of the river。

At this time Liu Yibai、Li Tianzhang also led more than a dozen of his men to the river。
“So handsome!”
“So clever crane control!”
Everyone praised Chen Xiu’s way of crossing the river like this。
Li Tianzhang shouted,This is not the time to admire。
The few of his men looked at each other,They asked themselves but there was no such means of crossing the river,No one dared to try for a while。
Liu Yibai turned his head and looked at his men,Several people also bowed their heads,Obviously they are also afraid to cross the river in this way like Chen Xiu。
“Let me try!”
It was Uncle De who was talking about the poisonous elephant,He knew that he did not have such a precise crane control skill,I only used the method of splitting the palm to cut off more than a dozen branches with leaves in my hand。
Uncle De is also a master of Nine-Rank cultivation base,He stood up,The light work unfolded is not as high as Chen Xiu’s,There are also seven、Eight meters high。