[How to make tender ribs]_How to make_Method

[How to make tender ribs]_How to make_Method

Although pork ribs are a favorite food for most people, when making pork ribs, many people have found that a problem is that ribs are very easy to make firewood.

The taste of ribs after changing wood is not as good as tender ribs, and the ribs after changing wood are not good for people with bad teeth.

Therefore, those who love pork ribs should learn how to make pork ribs tenderer.

How to stew the ribs not firewood Step 1: Chop the ribs into pieces and soak in cold water, rinse the blood after soaking it, and put it in the boiling water pot to cook the remaining blood.

Step 2: Remove the cooked pork ribs, wash them, add them to the casserole, and add the mushrooms prepared in advance.

The shiitake mushrooms stewed in this way are delicious, and can even dispel the role of aunts in ribs. Of course, you can also add side dishes such as tender corn on the cob.

Step 3: Add seasonings such as old soy sauce, cooking wine, soy sauce, white sugar, chicken essence, ginger cubes, spring onions, stewed meat and thirteen spices, and add an appropriate amount of cold or hot water. Do not cover the pot lid.

Step 4: Bring to a boil and continue to maintain the fire. Season with salt for 20 minutes. Cover the pot with low heat and simmer for 100 minutes. Turn off the heat and serve.

Stew ribs are soft and tender without sticking teeth. 2 points: 1. Do not use a pressure cooker to stew. Although the pressure cooker can stew the bones, it cannot stew the meat soft and tender. The casserole is the most suitable.

2, the first 20 minutes must be a high fire and do not cover the pot, the next 100 minutes, cover the pot with a small fire and simmer slowly, be sure to simmer for 120 minutes.

Reminder: It is best to choose small rows to stew, and large rows to stew and give out a taste.

Tips for Stewing Pork Ribs Soup: 1.

When stewing pork ribs, add a few pieces of washed orange peel to the pot to remove odors and greasy feelings. At the same time, it can make your soup taste more delicious.


Braised ribs are best stewed until the bones of the ribs can be chewed.

A, if you want to add calcium to bones, you need to simmer for about 2 hours, and chew your jaws when eating, because the calcium in bones is difficult to combine with water, so I hope the soup will be nutritious and delicious for a long time.

B, if you just want to eat pork ribs, it won’t take long, about 30?
You can eat in 50 minutes.

Home cooking stew ribs 1, choose ribs.

To be fresh, it is best not to freeze the meat. The ribs bought at the vegetable market in the summer afternoon are not fresh. It must be fresh, otherwise it will not burn when it is burned. If you do not plan to eat it on the same day, you must freeze it immediately.Put some white oil on the ribs.

Do n’t look at all the meat, you ca n’t see almost a bit of pork suet, because that kind of pig is fed by lean meat; the steamed pork ribs are about 5 cm long; too little meat is suitable for soup, if steamedPork ribs or braised pork ribs are moderate.

It’s best not to bring the large steaks, because they are too tasty to eat.

Large steaks are good for fried meat.

In general, in the selection of pork ribs, you must choose fat and lean ribs, not all lean meat, otherwise there is no oil in the meat, the steamed ribs will be more firewood.

2. After all the seasonings are mixed well, mix with a little dry starch in the last step to form a thin layer of paste on the surface of the ribs. In this way, the moisture inside the ribs can be well maintained, so it willMore tender.

3. There is oil in the tempeh sauce, and the oil wrapped on the rib surface can squeeze the same effect as the starch.

Choose a suitable rib, and wrap it with oil and starch. The ribs must be tender.

In addition to protein, traces, and vitamins, ribs also contain a large amount of calcium phosphate, bone collagen, osteoadhesin, etc., which can provide calcium for young children and the elderly.efficacy.

Boil the soup with spring onions and some corresponding seasonings. After cooking, they are delicious and nutritious.

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