He walked aimlessly,People unknowingly walked outside Lei Zhongbao’s yard。

This is where he and Wu Xiaorou met for the first time。
Outside Lei Zhongbao’s yard,Stop for a long time,Shen Yan has no intention to appreciate the pale yellow chrysanthemums blooming all over the yard,That day is full of mind,Wu Xiaorou’s brilliant appearance。
Shen Yan remembers clearly,That day she,On the immature face,Blooming with a smile like a flower,The black hair was tied into two twists and left behind,A small floral skirt under her rotation,Turned into a circle。
On that day,He was caught in that trap,Also sank into her flower-like smile。
that time,He is ten years old,Maybe I don’t know what love is,Just simply like her look,Like her smile,I like her small floral skirt。
But isn’t it like that??
Inexplicable,Push people in easily,Regardless of the abyss ahead,Still flowers everywhere。
Don’t know how long after,Stepping has stopped for a long time,Shen Yan keeps going。
A small river appeared in front of him。
There is a wooden bridge on the river,Not big,Only for two people to pass side by side,Leading to the woods on the opposite bank。
six years ago,Right on this bridge,He was shaking with himself for the first time,Because of nervousness,And wet hands,Holding the tender one,Slightly soft and cold,She did not refuse,Did not struggle,Everything happened so naturally。
that time,He is sixteen,She is fourteen,It’s the Mood for Love。
That day,It’s spring。
The sky is slightly windy,The vegetation on the ground has withered all winter and autumn,Are stained with verdant green,There are flowers showing their beauty from the greenery,Swaying the waist gently with the wind。
That day,He looked at her smiling,Looks silly。
That day,She looked at him,Also laughing,Fall in his eyes,Beautiful,Like a mimosa again,Cute and affectionate。
That day,Everything is beautiful,The blue sky is beautiful,The flowers blooming in the spring are beautiful,Even the chirping bird,Also beautiful。
Shen Yan didn’t walk on the wooden bridge,He didn’t dare to walk on that wooden bridge,He dare not,I don’t want to think of the beautiful things。