There is a special meeting today.,He must arrive in person。

One to 25th floor,Ou Jing and Ning Feifei,Yu Siyun has prepared information waiting for him.。
Yu Siyun, this is the first time I saw Lu Haozheng.。
Looking at the magazine and online,His whole popular field is strong,Junmei unparalleled,The temperament is full of breath。
At this time, see him.,The whole person gives a breathless breath,Even with a sputum,just like,Anyone in this world can’t make him gentle。
Ning Feifei greeted。
The sound is pulled back to Yu Siyun’s thoughts。
She is also soft:“Continent!”
Lu Hao became indifferently,“Are you ready??”
European:“Are ready。”
immediately,Hand your information in your hand。
Lu Haozheng took information,Look a few pages,road:“First meeting room。”
He took a few steps forward,I went back and looked at the European.,Take a look:“Sending the flower of the hospital is not fresh,Replace a flower shop。”
Ou Jing nodded:“it is good!”
Lu Haocheng entered the office。
European:“Let’s go to the conference room first。”
Yu Siyun looked at the door of Lu Hao Cheng,Smile:“European secretary,Is there always been living in the hospital??”
Ou Jing looked coldly in cold and coldly.:“Manager,Do your own thing,Don’t manage other things。”
Yu Siyun took the mouth,This is not other things,She asked if she didn’t surprise.,“That flower shop,I will handle。”
She has a known flower shop,Can take a rebate。
“Need not。”
Ou Jing, I don’t want to reject her.。
Yu Siyun:“”Guy who does not enter the oil salt。
What do you do,Isn’t it afraid of exhausted yourself??
Yu Siyun heart is slightly moving,But did not show it out,This Lu Group,Is a very good place to fish。
Companies before she have to be fat。
NS953chapter:Small smart
Bright and spacious meeting room。
everybody knows,Since the accident,Lu Hao Cheng’s mood became extremely poor。