But Miyamoto Okashi doesn’t understand what Qin Feng is thinking,Still provoking reluctantly。I don’t know if I was drunk or lunatic。

In short, at this time Miyamoto Okano showed a harmonious
There are no two fools。
Originally Qin Feng wanted to slap him,Because he thinks Miyamoto Okano is owed a beating,A child like this will be honest!
“Get out!”Suddenly,Disharmonious voices from outside。Qin Feng was stunned when he heard this voice。Then I saw a blond man walking in under the escort of a few dark bodyguards。
“Which?”Qin Feng looked confused。Because I don’t know this guy at all,Where did this product come from?What to do?
Their Miyamoto family has foreign ancestry?
Qin Feng turned his attention to the faces of other members of the Miyamoto family。When he found that everyone was shocked,He finally understood。This person is not from the Miyamoto family at all,Basically, no one in the room knew the person in front of you。
“Security guard,Janitor!Where did you die,Why let strangers in?”A disciple with a bad temper was originally upset by Haruko’s superiority。Suddenly a stranger came,And he couldn’t help it when he went to the chief position and pushed Haruko away and sat on it.。
It’s just as he said,It’s definitely a pot of guards and security。This is the base camp of the Miyamoto family,How many important members of the Miyamoto family live?But what,Security measures are so poor?Actually let a stranger in?OK?
Say yes today is a happy son,It’s Haruko Miyamoto’s coronation ceremony?
Sudden gunfire broke the peace of the scene again。
Even some family women who have never seen the world screamed at this time。I saw the disciple who yelled just now fell to the ground like this。