“Besides,Every time you fall,More than ten hands,The bigger the budget,The narrower the view,Once the number of channels is blocked,Easier to give up,Self-imposed imprisonment,How to win?”Lonely grandma asked twice,Almost completely denied Wang Jixin’s decades of chess practice,Rao is humble like him,Can’t help but be angry。

“senior,Causality is not emphasized in the game,How different from a reckless man?The reason why the younger generation failed,It’s just that the causal calculation has fallen,According to the predecessor’s teaching,Light cause and effect、Think less,How to lay out the enemy?Forgive me for disagreement!”Wang Jixin retorted,After saying this, he will return the chess pieces on the chessboard to the bamboo tube,Ready to leave。
however,When Wang Jixin throws the last white child back into the bamboo tube,Another set of black and white chess pieces appeared on the stone table,Still maintain the situation of the previous set。
“This……”Wang Jixin was stunned on the spot,But looking at the lonely grandmother, she looks calm,Obviously used to it。
“You can withdraw the surface pawn,Can you appreciate the black and white here?”Grandma Lone tapped the edge of the stone table lightly with her right index finger,Wang Jixin reaches out subconsciously,Want the nearest white pawn,But his fingers went through Baizi and the stone table!
Wang Jixin looked at himself with trepidation“Submerged”Stone table hand,Quickly withdraw his hand,Take a few steps back,Even the bamboo tube in the other hand was thrown out by him,The fragile bamboo tube hit a rock next to it,Shattered on the spot,Chess pieces scattered all over the floor。
Wang Jixin has always believed in Confucius and Mencius,Follow“Silent”Purpose,But the scene before me is too weird,He even began to suspect the lonely grandmother“Identity”。
“Cause and effect,Whatever you plan,All simple。”
“Cause and effect overlap,Reincarnation,Only the stream of consciousness,Above causality,Reincarnation,One child win!”
Lonely grandma,Chess pieces on the stone table disappear,Fingertips out of thin air,A sunspot falls into Tianyuan,Another game……
in reality,Zhao Feng was awakened by an inexplicable chill,What I saw and heard in my dream still echoed in my mind。
“Is it because of this bamboo tube??”Zhao Feng took out the bamboo tube he carried with him,Since I got this bamboo tube,What he dreamed of two nights,Are all related to this bamboo tube,This is unlikely to be a coincidence。
Look at the time,It’s already 3:46 in the morning,Zhao Feng has no sleep,He stared at the monitor for a few minutes,The courage that I don’t know where comes from,Actually got up and left the management room,Go straight to the freezer。
Freezer door opens,An air-conditioning flowed out from the threshold,Zhao Feng holds the bamboo tube with his right hand,Step into it,This Kumen passed the previous event,Already changed,Now I can no longer lock the door from inside,There will also be maintenance personnel visiting regularly。
The freezer has two floors,The outer layer is used for preservation and refrigeration,The temperature is minus three degrees Celsius,The inner layer is minus ten degrees Celsius,Used to make、Preserve ice cubes,There is a door between the inside and outside,But this door is set to be unable to lock,Only used to block the two layers of temperature。
Zhao Feng enters the outer layer of the freezer,There are many nailed wooden boxes on the counters around,Diffuse fishy smell。