“We are from the city criminal investigation!”

The beard said loudly:“Miss,Please don’t hinder our routine official duties,You quickly get out!”
“City Criminal Investigation?”
This time Chen Xiu’s doubts became more acute,Before Liu Ying was the captain of the Criminal Investigation Team,He helped Li Ying with many cases,Most of the members of the Criminal Investigation Team have met,Only these are the few people who are very happy。
Qin Zhi said:“I know your Director Zhang……”
“Miss,You are obstructing justice,Please get out,Otherwise I will handcuff you too!”
Qin Zhiwei’s anger,On the ground of Anshan, there are people who will not sell their accounts,Is hugging his chest:“Do you know who i am!”
“I care who you are,I’m not welcome anymore!”
Chen Xiu is even more puzzled,Turning to Qin Zhi:“Do not worry,I’ll go with them,Nothing will happen。”
Chen Xiu whispered in her ear:“You don’t know my skills。”
“that……OK then,You be careful。”
Chen Xiu sitting behind the police car,Two policeiCha is between the left and the right,Looking at the backward street scenes on both sides,Said:“The Criminal Investigation Team doesn’t come from here,Where are you taking me?”
“Less nonsense!”
Huo turned his head from the co-pilot and said sharply:“We naturally have our own process for handling cases,Be honest with me!”
“it is good,I want to see what tricks they play!”
Chen Xiu is silent right now,The car is driving all the way out of the city,Go away,Drove out to the outskirts,Fewer vehicles on both sides。