The most common 8 mistakes in sports weight loss

The most common 8 mistakes in sports weight loss

“Life is endless, weight loss does not stop!

“Slimming certainly requires tenacious perseverance and unremitting persistence, but if you start to go astray, you can’t keep it!”

The following is the 8 Dalian story of the reduction, let’s take a look at the truth of these “ghost words.”

  Reduced 8 Dalian articles “Ghost Words” 1.

“The calorie calculation table on the exercise machine is definitely accurate!

“The truth: can’t rely on it 100%!”

  Some experts have conducted a special study on a new generation of fitness equipment and found that 70% of the calculations are not accurate.

The reason is that these devices have not been around for a long time, and sports scientists have not had time to develop a suitable calorie consumption equation.

In comparison, older generations of exercise equipment such as bicycles and treadmills are more accurate, especially when you enter weight and age, pay attention to the calorie monitoring table. If you do the same training in the same interior, the calories burned will increase.The trend shows that the fitness effect is getting better and better.


“Having sex is the best aerobic exercise.

“The truth: When it comes to bed games, it’s all about trying to figure out how to fight. The calories burned are only a short walk.”

  When making love, most of the time is not sitting or lying, muscles do not use any force, naturally consume less.

If you want to consume more energy when you are in love, the best way is to use a sitting position and let your legs and hips work harder.

However, this technique is not perfect. It is easy to catch fire in the backyard. The blood is diverted to the legs and buttocks. It takes away the oxygen most needed by some organs of the body, causing insufficient blood supply and not enjoying the process of sex.

  Advice: The bed drama requires full commitment and enjoyment.

Lose weight does not catch this time!


“Sit up and do too much, the abdomen will be more and more drums.

“The truth: even if it increases, it increases the difficulty of sit-ups, and the abdomen cannot bulge.”

  If this happens, it is likely to be an unfortunate accumulation of layers on the abdominal muscles. These aunts can be removed through aerobic training.


“Abdominal weight loss can decompose the target, and multiple fractures in the lower abdomen.

“The truth: the abdominal muscles that extend from the transverse extension to the pelvis are a whole, tightly connected.

It seems that it can be divided into blocks, but it is impossible to achieve.

  If you want to say goodbye to the small belly and make the abdomen flat, we are willing to give you two tricks: (1) bicycle-style sit-ups: knees lying on your back, hands crossed, placed behind your head, close to the ground; raise your right elbow to your right shoulderTry to touch your left knee and lie down.

The opposite direction repeats as usual.

  (2) Bridge type: the toes and palms support the ground, the abdomen and head are lifted off the ground, and the balance is kept for at least one minute. The navel eyes suck in the direction of the spine and the back tries to straighten.


“The first thing to lose weight is darkness!

“The truth: the first to lose weight is not a dark nude belly.

  But after losing weight, it will be true that blacks will become smaller.

Because one-quarter of the breast tissue structure is paralyzed.

In the natural state, as women grow with age, the amount of traces in the breast can rise to 75%. Because of the reduced fat-reducing effect of exercise, the size of the breast will be replaced.

  It is recommended that you go swimming, because the pressure of the water on the contour of the chest can increase the rest and elasticity of the breast, making the breast strong and full.

  In fact, you don’t have to care too much about the size, because after the weight loss is successful, the narrowing of the abdominal circumference and waist circumference will contrast the dark and sexy.


“Stop exercise and your muscles will become paralyzed.
“The truth: muscles and misfortunes are two completely different body tissues with different functions, and it is impossible to convert each other!”
  Once a long-term exerciser gives up, the muscles will shrink, and the lines and bodies that have been forged harder have gone from bad to worse.

At this time, if the diet structure is not adjusted in time, it is delicious and too lazy to move, “adding frost”, eventually leading to micro-deposition, and the body becomes bloated.


“If you want to lose excess meat, you should focus on the more parts.

“The truth: the key to losing weight is to reset the calories burned, no matter where the calories come from.”

  But one thing to keep in mind: when exercise intensity is too small, the chest, waist and abdomen are almost useless, and the body consumes only fatty acids and blood vessels.

So if you want to lose excess meat, it is not a problem with certain parts. Instead, you should adjust the exercise intensity to medium intensity (60% of the maximum heart rate?


“Overweight people have slow metabolism and long weight are the fault of metabolism.

“The truth: long weight is the fault of your living habits!”

  Only overweight people with neonatal metabolic disorders will have 10% less metabolic rate than the average person.

If you find that your weight is growing, the first thing to reflect is your daily habits, not your metabolism.

  Another feature of overweight is the same amount of exercise. The more overweight people, the more conversion they consume.